Meet Tim Shoemaker

Tim’s Bio:

By God’s grace, Tim Shoemaker is the author of eight books and speaks around the country to men’s and parents groups about living the Christian life in a way that impacts the next generation.

He leads workshops teaching parents how to lead effective family devotions, especially when the kids get older.  He also teaches children’s ministry and youth workers how to hold kids attention during devotionals. His workshops are “how-to”, “hands-on”, and powerfully equip and encourage.

Happily married for over 31 years, Tim has three grown sons and is active in church leadership.

His Books Include:

-Code of Silence: Living a Lie Comes With a Price (release spring 2012)

Dangerous Devotions for Guys

Reboot Your Brain-Byte Sized Devotions for Boys

Smashed Tomatoes, Bottle Rockets…and Other Outdoor Devotionals You Can Do With Your Kids

Mashed Potatoes, Paint Balls…and Other Indoor/Outdoor Devotionals You Can Do With Your Kids

Bashed Burritos, Green Eggs…and Other Indoor/Outdoor Devotionals You Can Do With Your Kids


A Sampling of Clients

  • Focus on the Family
  • Moody Bible Institute
  • Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conferences
  • National Center for Biblical Parenting Conference
  • Evangelical Free Church GLD Conference
  • Christian and Missionary Alliance
  • Northwest Ministry Conference
  • GREAT Homeschool Conventions
  • Colorado Christian Writers Conference
  • Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference
  • North Texas Christian Writers Conference
  • Quad Cities Christian Writers Conference
  • Write-to-Publish Conference
  • Florida Christian Writers Conference
  • International Network of Children’s Ministry
  • Children’s Pastors Conference (CPC)

My Passions

1. To be a man of integrity, who loves God and others with all my heart.

2. To be an extraordinary husband to Cheryl, the love of my life.

3. To love my sons, daughter-in-laws, grandkids, and extended family with everything in me.

4. To impact kids and youth in a way that causes them to become true women and men of God.

5. To help parents teach their kids about God and the principles he’s given us to live by.

6. To help couples experience the richness that comes from a marriage guided by God.

7. To help men see and become what a Christian man should be in all the various facets of life.


Speaking: Parents

Tim leads workshops at conferences and churches around the country helping parents teach their kids about God and the principles He’s given them to live by.

Family Devotions Workshop

Workshop Description:

Full three-hour workshop is all about equipping an encouraging parents to teach their kids about God in a way where they’ll really listen. The workshop is fast-paced and is very “hands-on” and “how-to”. Great for couples, single parents, grandparents, or anyone that works with kids, this workshop is practical and powerful. Here are some of the things we’ll cover.

-Raising our kids . . . what are we really aiming at?

-Biblical mandate for teaching our kids about God .

-Practical mandate for teaching them . . . why it makes so much sense.

-The other side of the equation . . . something all parents need to remember.

-Eight things that exasperate our kids.

-How to start . . . even if you’ve tried and failed before.

-How to start . . . even if your kids are older or feel this is “below” them.

-What to do if your husband doesn’t want to pick up the ball in this area.

-14 tips to making family devotions more effective and successful.

-Using “informal” times to teach our kids about God.

-At least 15 family devotional object lessons or activities demonstrated that parents can use with their kids.

Other workshops on how to teach kids at home about God and the principles He’s given us to live by . . . all variations of the Family Devotions Workshop


-Family Devotions That Blow Up the Box

-Developing Dads to Do Devotions With Their Kids

-Family Devotions That Work With Teens


Speaking: Men

Tim leads workshops, seminars, and retreats for men at conferences and churches around the country for the purpose of helping them become of men of God in their various roles.

Tim uses a variety of object lessons to help teach men biblical truth . . . like electrocuting a pickle, creating a -100 degree solution for fast-freezing, and converting a leaf blower to shoot toilet paper.

Here are some of the topics:

Guard Your Heart

Being a man who follows God is one of the toughest jobs on the planet—and one of the most rewarding. It’s a high stakes assignment thought hostile territory—and you have to keep yourself and the loved ones God has entrusted you with safe for the entire mission. We’ll take a look at what drives you—and what do you need to change to grow to be a faithful man of God over the long haul.

Out of Control: God’s Man and the Work of the Holy Spirit

We’ll look at the two things every Christian man must have to keep himself and those he loves safe . . . self control and Holy Spirit control.

The Heroic Groom: God’s Man and Marriage

A good bodyguard will take a bullet for the one he is protecting. A Christian husband is called to love his wife with that level of personal commitment. We’ll look at how a man can protect himself, his wife, and his kids by being a Christ-like husband. Among other things, here’s some things we’ll look at.

-The kind of love we want from our wife—and the kind of love we must give.

-The affect of the quality of our marriage on our kids—and their Christianity.

-The killer of great marriages . . . hard hearts . . . and what that looks like.

-Things that belong in God’s plan for marriage . . . and things that don’t.

-15 ways to strengthen your marriage . . . or keep it strong.

The Silent Killer: God’s Man and Sexual Purity

We live in a dark world and a Christian man must be able to see clearly if he’s going to avoid personal destruction. We’ll look at the dangers of getting involved in the sin we’re to avoid—like pornography . . . and we’ll look at how to break free. This is a sensitive topic—and one with epidemic and devastating affects on the Christian family and church. Heralded by attendees as the clearest workshop dealing with pornography that they’ve ever heard, here are some of the things that will be covered in a direct, but careful way.

-How pornography is truly a monster that cannot be controlled by any man.

-God’s plan for sex—how it sweetens marriage.

-What is at stake: 8 ways pornography messes up good sex in marriage.

-What happens in a wife’s mind when her husband is involved in porn.

-Lies men tell themselves about the affect of pornography on their lives.

-What the Bible says about pornography.

-The danger of approaching this topic too lightly . . . of taking advantage of God’s forgiveness, of trampling His grace.

-10 starting points for breaking free from pornography.

Finishing Strong

Protecting yourself and those you love is a lifelong duty. To fall short is to fail—something a Christian man can’t afford to do. We’ll look at what it takes to make a strong finish—without regrets.

The Ride of Your Life

Life can be a roller coaster and men can struggle with failure and feelings of inadequacy. Whether we’re in the “up” or the “down” portion of our life it is the fact that we’re securely harnessed to God, (trusting and obeying Him) that keeps us safe.


Speaking: Women

Tim teams up with his wife, Cheryl, to lead seminars for women at conferences and churches around the country. The objective is to help women strengthen themselves and their marriages by following God’s principles for marriage and for life.

Tim and Cheryl use a tag team approach mixed with various visuals to help bring the points home in a powerful way.

The Storybook Bride: God’s Woman and Marriage

A Christian wife has a high calling, and can have a tremendous influence on the kind of man her husband becomes. We’ll look at God’s excellent plan for marriage, and how a woman can do work toward it. Among other things, here’s some things we’ll look at.

-The kind of love we want from our husband . . . and the kind of love we must give.

-The affect of the quality of our marriage on our kids—and their Christianity.

-The killer of great marriages . . . hard hearts . . . and what that looks like.

-Things that belong in God’s plan for marriage . . . and things that don’t.

-15 ways to strengthen your marriage . . . or keep it strong.

Helping Your Husband Become a Hero

This is really part two of the marriage seminar. We’ll look at one of the points of part one in more detail. And we’ll look at a man’s foundational dreams . . . things he wants, deep down inside. Women may be surprised to find these are exactly the things she truly desires her man to be. By helping her man, she is helping herself. Here’s some things we’ll cover.

-7 dreams every Christian desires deep down inside.

-The importance of physical intimacy . . . what it really means to a Christian man . . . and what we miss if we delay it or “ration” it out.

-7 ways to have emotional intimacy . . . meaningful time together as a couple, even when you have young kids.

-4 other thoughts about husbands as heroes.

-A woman is designed by God to have a powerful affect on her husband. God’s plan for you, your husband, and your marriage is probably bigger than you can imagine.


Speaking: Children’s Ministry
and Youth Workers

Tim leads workshops at conferences and churches around the country helping Sunday School teachers, Children’s Ministry leaders, and Youth leaders to use their teaching/devotional time with the kids more effectively.

Tim also teaches workshops to help them better partner with and train parents to teach their kids about God at home.

Workshop Titles and Descriptions include:

Jesus Never Bored His Listeners:

Getting More Traction With Your Devotionals & Teaching

This full 3-hour workshop is designed to help children’s ministry and youth leaders to maximize the impact of their teaching time.

Here are some of the elements of the workshop:

-Looking at Jesus’ 7 practices for teaching . . . and how we can do the same

-In depth look and demos of object lessons

-Getting object lesson ideas

-2 danger zones to avoid with lesson preparation . . .

-failing to prep early enough

-failing to consider all types of learners

-2 danger zones to avoid during lesson time

-Class control

-Storytelling . . . a more in-depth look at how to be more effective

-Tips to keep even common Bible stories fresh

Using Jesus’ 7 Practices to Maximize Your Teaching

We can lead more effective devotions and teaching time with kids by incorporating things Jesus often did. We’ll especially focus on object lessons and storytelling techniques that work miracles with today’s kids and youth.

Leading Kids to Christ

When teachers and leaders tell kids about Christ, they’re passionate about their message. But that isn’t always enough. We’ll demo effective methods of delivering that message. Using object lessons, stories, and activities, Tim will show you how to present the Gospel so it is clear to kids, adolescents, and teens—whether you’re talking to a small or large group.

Developing Dads to do Devotions with Their Kids

Often your best efforts to teach kids at church aren’t enough. You need parents to teach at home too—but most need help with that. Learn everything you’ll need to know to lead a workshop that will equip and inspire dads—and moms, to teach effective and powerful object lesson-oriented family devotions.


Speaking: Youth

Tim has spent over 15 years working with youth ministry. He is passionate about helping students avoid the traps in life and instead to encourage them to become the men and women God wants them to be.

He combines story with visuals while helping students grasp important truths. He can speak on a wide variety of topics. Here are some of them.

Who We Are in the Dark

Living like a Christian even when nobody is looking.

Out of Control

The absolute necessity of self control and Holy Spirit control to protect yourselves and those you love.

Cold Heart, Hard Heart

The dangers of a hard heart and our need to ask God to thaw ours.

The Silent Killer: God’s Man and Pornography

This is really intended for the guys. Pornography is a monster that can become our master. What pornography will do to their future and how to break free.


Making your mark in life. Does God have a plan for your life? He does . . . and we’ll talk about a life that counts.

Food Frenzy

God gives all of us three things . . . time, resources, and the freedom to choose how to use it.

Moment of Truth

Telling the truth and avoiding deception . . . keys to becoming the Christian God wants us to be.


Some of the biggest factors in your life were determined by God . . . not you. Your looks. Basic abilities and intelligence. Your parents and family. Sometimes it may feel like God gave you a raw deal. We’ll encourage students not to resent God or be jealous of others, but to give God what they have and see what He does with it.

The Trouble with Susan B.

Living too much like the world puts us in danger of losing our true value as Christians.

The Three-legged Race Case

A crazy race will start things off on perhaps the most powerful reasoning for dating a Christian.

Other topics include Pride, Temptation, Holiness, Dating (can be designed for an all male or all female audience), and more.


Speaking: Writing Workshops

Tim is a regular speaker at Christian writers conferences. Here are some of the topics and descriptions.

Pesky Point of View Problems

Viewpoint inconsistencies raise editor's eyebrows and confuse readers.  Tim will help you identify and fix this common problem.  Attendees will leave with a highly-coveted "Super-ocular POV Finder".


Show & Tell

Improve your fiction with proven techniques to help you do more showing and less telling. Tim won't just tell you how to improve; he'll show you.

Putting Words in Their Mouths

Talk may be cheap, but poor dialogue will cost you. The words you put into the mouths of your fiction characters are critical. Learn insights to “heave-ho” the “ho-hum” dialogue. 

Connecting With Boys

The thought of writing for 10-12-year-old boys can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn some of the basics for connecting with boys and helping them grow to be men of God.

Leaving a Legacy for Your Grandkids

Whether or not you consider yourself a writer, we'll look at the huge impact you can make on your grandkids and great grandkids by sharing some of your life experiences and lessons you've learned.  We'll help you with ideas to get you started on this worthy project.  This can become a powerful tool in their lives to protect them from traps in life and to encourage them to make the right steps.   


Making a Scene

Making a scene in public is easy . . . just stand on a chair and scream. But creating a scene in your fiction is a different story. Discover techniques to strengthen your story—one scene at a time. We’ll also take a closer look at point-of-view problems and how to fix them. Attendees will leave with a highly-coveted “Super-ocular POV finder”.

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