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Nancy's Bio:

Author and inspirational speaker Nancy Kennedy lives in Inverness, Florida, where she's active in the women's ministry leadership at her church, Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church in Lecanto, Florida. A Christian since age 23, Nancy says she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ in the ladies room of the supply warehouse at Loring AFB, Maine (and would love to tell you more about that). Married to Barry Kennedy since 1975, she says she still think he's awfully cute. They have two daughters: Alison (grown and married) and Laura, a struggling twenty-something in Charlotte, NC. (They're cute, too.)

Nancy says, "I love my life. I'm incredibly average, basically clueless, always self-centered. I love Hershey's Hugs, soft blue jeans, sushi, old Beatle songs...and knowing that there's no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. I also love to laugh and love sharing my gift of laughter and inspiration."
She has a heart for women who are struggling in their marriages, especially for those who feel alone in their faith.
A member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, Nancy has appeared on radio programs such as Family Life Today and Renewing the Heart. She is also the Religion and Community editor, feature writer, and columnist for the Florida daily newspaper, the Citrus County Chronicle.

Her books include: Prayers God Always Answers, Move Over Victoria, I Know the Real Secret, When He Doesn’t Believe, When Perfect Isn't Enough, Between Two Loves, and Praying With Women of the Bible.

Nancy's Speaking Topics:

I have two retreats...

• Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret - We explore the things that hold us--food, image, wanting to be in control--and the God who frees us.

• When Perfect Isn't Enough - We look at starting from the place of perfection--our righteousness in Christ--and then learning to rest in that as we discover what "perfect" looks like in everday life.

Most Common Comment Meeting Planners Say:

• "Nancy is vulnerable, real, honest, funny, truthful, fun!"Nancy Says:
At one time I would said I wanted to be a humorist but that was when I wanted to be Liz Curtis Higgs (only shorter). Now I just want to be real and sometimes that's funny, but not so you roll on the floor with Diet Pepsi coming out your nose.

Gospel Presentation?
I do present the gospel and I do it in what I hope is fresh language. I'm discovering more and more that the people who are coming into the church for the first time have no clue what Christian jargon is all about. I present the gospel because that's the only power there is to change a human heart, although I'm not big on altar calls.

Why Nancy Speaks:
I love doing it! I am amazed that God would allow me to do something I love so much. I love it when He shows up and gives me words and thoughts from His word that I had no idea I was even going to say and then learning afterward that I had spoken to someone's deepest need.

Nancy's Goal:

To encourage and heal and bring hope--to my heart as well.

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